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July 29, 2008


Peterlin: "...for the first time in the USPTO's history, we are on track to meet 100% of our goals..."

Margaret, if you set the bar low enough, or cease to aim for systematic improvements, or have fake measures of patent "quality", or don't know what the agency "goals" should be, or drop your stated goals ("patent reform") whenever it's expedient for making boisterous announcements to further your personal career, you can easily meet all your goals too. But perhaps that's nothing to boast about. And perhaps you wouldn't be being truthful to yourself, or to others, though I suspect that may not be any concern for you, after you (as a lawyer) took for yourself a position the law clearly said you couldn't have.

Monica Goodling (another who has little concern for truth outside of political expedience) is perhaps next in line for the Deputy Director slot, having all of Peterlin's qualifications. At least she might try something new to eliminate the backlog.

35 USC 102R:

A conservative person or a big business or a founding member of the Coalition for Patent Fairness shall be entitled to a patent, regardless.

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