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May 17, 2007


How can we expect some of these guys to get things right or to understand the big picture when the S. Ct. has problems with patent issues.

I love the Kennedy quote- I used to have it hanging in my office.


I would like it if just once a reporter spoke with a patent attorney before putting pen to paper.

Thanks for the comment.

Patents and copyrights are nothing more than instruments of monopolization. That is their only value. In a truly free market all producers are free to produce, or reproduce, whatever they want without any limitations or obligations to anyone else. This freedom of productivity is what creates sufficient competition to prevent collusion and price fixing. Most importantly, it provide families and individuals with countless opportunities to earn a decent living employing themselves. Patents and copyrights destroy this freedom by denying all but one producer the right to produce a particular product. It is as patently unjust as it is patently absured.

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