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February 28, 2007


While by no means a critic of embryonic stem cell research, it strikes me that the approach taken with adult stem cells, and more so the coverage of the issue, is not unlike the approach of the creationist scientist – setting the goal in research to match political ends. That is, given the typically hopeless and dour description in articles about adult stem cells, one wonders: if science had somehow never discovered embryonic stem cells, would the outlook and the discussion surrounding adult stem cell lines be much more optimistic and forward looking than it is? As it is, I certainly understand why setbacks in adult stem cell research strengthen the argument in favor of embryonic stem cell research, and I understand that there are many legitimate obstacles in using adult stem cells. I just think that we need to avoid linking the two so much that it affects our objectivity. This piece, for example, seems like it will be a neutral article reporting a failure of science, but turns out to be a very pointed critique of current policies – as *all* such articles seem to be these days. Hey, I agree with the point made, but that doesn't mean we should root for this result; we should at least be very wary of hoping our science matches our desired outcomes.

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